Kids chanting “ScoMo sucks” let down by dishonest climate debate

School wagging child climate protestors chanting “ScoMo sucks” is a new low in our public discourse, according to Conservative Party spokesman and Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton.

“While their disrespect of the prime minister is inexcusable, their lack of knowledge is excusable because politicians have not been honest with them about the cost of de-carbonising the economy. These children may not be thinking this way when they grow up with limited job prospects and unreliable electricity,” Mr Shelton said.

“There are also plenty of good scientific reasons to question global warming alarmism and children should be taught both sides before being enlisted as political activists” he continued.

Mr Shelton said the school children did not understand the consequences to their own economic futures of demanding “climate action”.

He wondered if school children had been taught about the Medieval warming period when the Vikings grew crops on Greenland during a pre-industrial melt of the ice sheet.

“There are so many examples from history and science that don’t fit the alarmist narrative and children should at least be allowed to know about these so they can make up their own minds. The kids wagging school today are probably unaware that the Australian Energy Market Operator is warning of summer blackouts because of the baseload power that has been lost as a result of replacing coal generation with renewables,” Mr Shelton said.

Fellow Conservative Party senate candidate, South Australia’s Rikki Lambert, foreshadowed the protests Thursday week ago, speaking with Adelaide’s FiveAA about the hidden agenda behind the protests: