Kick out the anti-dam Greens

August 31, 2018

Electing Conservative Party senators in place of Greens in the Senate is the only way to clear the way for dams to be built in northern and regional Australia.

The Courier Mail reports, a new CSIRO study has found up to four dams could be built in the Mitchell catchment which flows from Mareeba, about 60km west of Cairns, to the Gulf of Carpentaria which could provide a $5.3 billion boost to the Queensland economy.

Conservative Party spokesman Lyle Shelton said the party would back cost-effective Australian-owned proposals to build dams and better drought-proof the nation.

“But the only way we will see bulldozers on the ground is to replace Greens in the Senate with Australian Conservatives."

“There is a realistic chance the Greens' only Senator, Larissa Waters, could be displaced if conservatives unite and fight back for farmers, regional jobs and communities."

“The Greens have done everything they can to undermine nation-building projects such as these,” Mr Shelton said.

“Everyone cares about the environment but not at the cost of farming, country life and communities who care deeply about their local environment. We need to eat, have clothes and have a future for our kids. Our food security and national security depend on our ability to feed a rapidly growing population."

“The Greens are not on Australia's side. They're for the animals and plants, but they want to flood more people into Australia - not capture nature's floods and rains to feed those same people.”

"For too long the Greens have dragged the major parties to the extreme Left. Just as the Greens are anti-tree clearing, we need Greens-clearing of parliaments so we can get on with feeding, clothing and employing Australians."

“Whether it is shutting down the coal industry, opposing free speech or telling kids their gender is fluid, toxic Greens policies have infiltrated both major parties.

“Conservatives in the Senate can help restore the balance and bring back common sense,” Mr Shelton said.

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