Kate Horan

Born and raised in Country SA, I moved to Adelaide where I studied, worked, married and had four beautiful children.  My primary achievement in life has been raising my children and caring for my autistic son, but I have also worked in bookkeeping, administration and drug/alcohol rehabilitation counselling, as well as having accounting qualifications.  

I have been heavily involved in our local community for the past 17 years working in areas such school committee volunteering, local charity work, music and sports. 

I have always had a keen interest in politics.

In 2014 I ran as a Lower House Candidate for the seat of Newland in the SA Election for Family First.  It was a fantastic experience and I particularly enjoyed meeting new people and making new connections.  

Our family moved to Townsville, North Queensland, three years ago and fell in love with NQ - I have such a heart for this part of the country.

Within a few months I took up the role of Regional Coordinator North Queensland for Family First, as well as becoming an Executive Board Member.  I ran as part of the Senate ticket for Family First at the 2016 Federal Election, as well as helping manage the campaign of the local candidate.  In 2017 I was the local coordinator for the Coalition for Marriage campaign and co-managed the local campaign in Townsville.  

Ever since becoming a member of Australian Conservatives I have worked tirelessly as part of a local team of supporters to help build the brand in Townsville and surrounding areas.  We have accomplished much and made great inroads.  I have coordinated the Local Supporter Groups, begun a Young AC's local Supporter Group, held community forums, built up local contacts and reached out to many people, not just in Townsville but in the areas surrounding.  I have also coordinated several local political functions with prominent guest speakers.  

North Queensland is a great conservative political harvest field and it is my ultimate aim to represent ACs and North Queensland to the best of my ability.  I also believe it is so important in political representation to have the view of the 'average family' represented - the ones on the ground who live daily having to partake of government services such as education, health, disability, small business.  The ones who are affected by government decisions on taxes, welfare, immigration, crime and utilities to name a few.  

I am aligned with the vision of Australian Conservatives to achieve Senate representation at the next Federal Election, as well as affecting Electoral Outcomes for the Conservative good.  I want to do my bit and do my best to represent and increase the vote in North Queensland, helping to attain this outcome.  

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