Justin Stringer gets an "A" for the Senate in Tasmania

April 24, 2019

The Conservative Party's Tasmanian Senate candidate Justin Stringer will be at position "A" on the ballot paper at the May 18 federal election after today's draw for ballot paper positions.

Conservative Party Leader Senator Cory Bernardi said, “The people of Tasmania now have a clear, principled, conservative alternative. Justin brings with him a history of military and business experience which place traditional values and common sense front and centre.”

Mr Stringer said he hoped to offer Tasmanians a true, conservative alternative in the Senate. 

At the age of 17, Justin joined the Infantry Corps in the Army reserves where he quickly learned the responsibilities and dedication needed to maintain and protect our culture, history, and moral belief system.

Happily married with two young children, Justin has worked in the tourism and hospitality industries for almost 20 years, “As a hard-working father and husband, it troubles me to see this government out of money and ideas with its reckless spending that will not benefit my children and their children,” he said.

“I stand for freedoms that we used to treasure and which separated us from the rest of the world as one of the truly great nations. I am highly motivated and determined to see Tasmania and Australia navigate their way back to common sense”.

Justin Stringer is joined on the Tasmanian Australian Conservatives Senate ticket by Nigel Frame.

Vote "1" in box "A" on your Tasmanian Senate ballot paper at the federal election to bring common sense back to Canberra.

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