Jim Jefferies' deception exposed

March 26, 2019

Australian Jewish activist Avi Yemini has exposed Australian comedian Jim Jefferies’ deceptive editing and has called on his employer, America's Comedy Central, to sack him.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi's office was approached by Jefferies' producer, Craig Quartermaine, in December last year with a request for an interview, but Senator Bernardi refused, anticipating similarly dishonest treatment.

On March 19th, during the season premiere of The Jim Jefferies Show, Jefferies turned his attentions towards the recent Christchurch Terror Attacks in New Zealand.

In the segment, Jefferies featured a heavily edited interviewed with Yemini.

The next day, however, Yemini posted a response to Jefferies’ segment on his personal YouTube page, titled “Hidden Camera: Jim Jefferies EXPOSED”  (below) showing Jefferies’ deceptive editing using a hidden camera while Jefferies interviewed him.

In his video, Yemini claims that Jefferies not only broke Yemini’s two stipulations regarding the interview, but that he also selectively edited and selected clips from a full, one-hour interview in order to paint Yemini as a radical and connect him to the Christchurch terror attacks.

In the video, Yemini shows Jefferies joking about dingoes eating Muslim children, drawing a picture of Muhammad, and denigrating the Muslim faith. 

The hidden camera video also showed that Jefferies cut Yemini’s answers to one question and added them to another in what appears to be an attempt to paint Yemini in a bad light.

This is the kind of dishonest media treatment meted out by the left-wing to those whose opinions they "publicly" disagree with and it needs to be called out for the "fake news" that it is.

Picture: Avi Yemini and Jim Jefferies

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