Jihadi Numan Haider attacks 2 Melbourne police officers

September 23, 2018

On 23 September 2014, Islamic jihadist, Ahmad Numan Haider, stabbed two counter-terrorism police officers outside the Endeavour Hills police station, Melbourne. Haider stabbed both officers (badly injuring one, an AFP officer) before being shot dead by a single bullet to the head by the other, a VicPol officer.

A sixteen month coronial inquiry concluded with a report on 31 July 2017 finding that the meeting, stabbing and shooting took just 53 seconds. Critically, the AFP officer's life was very likely saved by the quick and decisive actions of his VicPol partner.

The coroner’s report also found that Haider had was quickly radicalised over the preceding months through contacts with his local mosque in Hallam and the Al-Furqan Islamic Centre & Bookshop in Springvale South (25 km south-east of Melbourne CBD).

The Al-Furqan Islamic Centre (and bookshop) – a noted hotspot for Islamic extremism since 2012 – shut its doors the next year (2015) following pre-dawn counter-terrorism raids by Victoria Police, charging three participants. Two charged with terrorism-related offences (ie conspiracy to commit acts done in preparation for, or planning, terrorist acts) were subsequently found to be Haider's associates during his rapid radicalisation (see further details below).

Just three months later (on 15-16 December 2014), Australia endured the drawn-out and tragic Lindt Café siege in Sydney’s CBD, involving Islamic terrorist, Man Haron Monis (brandishing in public the Black Standard flag of ISIS and Islamic jihad).

These events highlight the vital and dangerous role of our law enforcement, intelligence and security officers who keep us safe while too many of our politicians, with their:

  • lax immigration and visa policies
  • curbs on our ability to speak candidly about Islamic terrorism, and
  • cringing tolerance of intolerance

make the job of those tasked to protect us so much harder and riskier in these times.

Mark this sober reminder of the Islamic State threat posed in Australia and deterred by our law enforcement apparatus by:

Further information

The coroner’s report also found that Haider:

  • was 18 years old
  • was the youngest of three boys all born in Kabul, Afghanistan
  • came from a practising Muslim family who had emigrated to Australia when Haider was seven years old to flee the Taliban
  • was granted a permanent visa and held dual Australian and Afghani citizenship, like the rest of his family
  • rapidly radicalised, including through contacts with his local mosque in Hallam and the Al-Furqan Islamic Centre
  • had his passport cancelled (along with 40-50 other Australians) due to fears of him (them) joining ISIS to fight in Syria/Iraq (and then possibly return home to ply their acquired skills and poison on us)
  • was believed to be connected with prominent ISIS recruit, Neil Prakash
  • came under ASIO surveillance (but had not yet been judged as dangerous)
  • just days before had brandished in front of police at Dandenong Plaza shopping centre the Black Standard flag of ISIS and jihadi terrorism (consisting of a white-on-black Shahada)
  • also days before, had changed his Facebook profile to one of an ISIS fighter with camouflage clothing, balaclava and Black flag, and
  • had two knives and the Black flag on him when he confronted police in the jihadi-attack that brought his death.

It is also noteworthy that just under 4 years later in early September 2018, a young burqa wearing Bangledeshi woman, Momena Shoma, who had stabbed her Mill Park, Melbourne homestay host on 10 February 2018 was found guilty of a terrorist act. Shoma admitted that she had come to Australia on a student visa the day before with the sole purpose of committing a murder to advance the Islamic State cause. She had previously been refused a visa to travel from Bangladesh to Turkey to join Islamic State.

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