Ita's too late for their ABC

February 28, 2019

Ita Buttrose has been announced as the ABC’s next chair today following months of turmoil at the national broadcaster.

But the Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert says it's probably too late to make any meaningful reforms in an organisation riddled with left-wing influence and turgid with a top-heavy management structure.

"Nobody can save the ABC behemoth from its bias and breaches of its charter," Mr Lambert said.

"Ita can't save them, only the slashing of the ABC budget and merging it with the SBS will expose it to the commercial headwinds that a modern media organisation must weather. The ABC has to be brought back to its core functions and cease competing with commercial outlets that are ably doing their job in bringing the news to Australians," he continued.

The Daily Telegraph reports, the former magazine editor and 2013 Australian of the Year was formally announced as chair today after Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s cabinet signed off on the selection earlier this week.

She takes over the reigns in the wake of former chair Justin Milne’s resignation last year amid the “firestorm” surrounding former managing director Michelle Guthrie’s sacking.

Ms Buttrose famously launched Cleo magazine with media mogul Kerry Packer in 1972.

She was editor-in-chief until 1975 when she moved to the Australian Women’s Weekly.

Mr Morrison earlier this week confirmed Ms Buttrose had not been on the shortlist of candidates recommended by an independent panel.

He added that the panel’s recommendations hadn’t included any female candidates.

Ms Buttrose will take over as chair for a five-year term.

Rikki Lambert has told Adelaide radio station FIVEaa, reform of the ABC would be a pretty simple operation.

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Fix The Bloated, Out-Of-Touch ABC

Fix The Bloated, Out-Of-Touch ABC Australian Conservatives founder and South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi is calling for radical funding cuts to the ABC because it is, "Bloated, blatantly leftist and consistently breaches its charter".

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