Chip In $10

Australian Conservatives Senator Cory Bernardi has raised the alarm in media this week that SA Labor’s new Royal Adelaide Hospital in the ‘City of Churches’ will have an Islamic prayer room but not a Christian chapel. 

New_RAH.pngThe Australian Conservatives leader said “Australians are sick and tired of accommodating a minority religion while undermining Christian traditions and heritage”. “Why do we expect the predominant religious belief -- being Christian cultural heritage -- and every other religious belief to share the multi-faith reflection centre… and then have another room almost exclusively for the use of another minority religion of two per cent -- even less here in South Australia.”

During subsequent coverage, the SA Government claimed the multi-faith area was always going to be called a 'chapel', but on Wednesday 12 April a select group of chaplains consulted on the area said they had opposed using the word 'chapel' to avoid offence to other faiths.  Senator Bernardi has questioned who is telling the truth about the chapel plans.