Islamic mob scares government into political retreat

December 17, 2018

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's failure to follow US President Donald Trump in recognising Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and relocate our embasy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a worrying concession to Islamist threats.

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The Australian reports, there is no national-interest justification in Morrison’s compromise in recognising only West Jerusalem and not moving our embassy. 

The Guardian reports that Israel is upset by the recognition solely of 'West' Jerusalem, not the whole city.

Writing in The Australian, Paul Kelly outlines that the big test is yet to come: how exactly will the Muslim world react? Australian travellers heading to Indonesia for the Christmas season have been urged to exercise a "high degree of caution" while Indonesian, Malaysian and Palestinian groups have threatened to boycott trade with Australia and protest outside our embassies.

Veiled threats of terrorist attacks and the cancelling of trade agreements are making Australia step back from its embassy decision. 

The PM’s final position, outlined at the weekend, is a transparent Band-Aid repair for his statements made before the Wentworth by-election when he hinted at Jeruslaem's recognition and our embassy move.

To make things worse, Labor has repudiated his decision and says it will maintain the status quo — keeping the embassy in Tel Aviv and declining to recognise West Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

Australia is now in the absurd position where the government and opposition disagree on whether Tel Aviv or West Jerusalem should be recognised as the capital.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has told Paul Murray Live on Sky News the embassy move makes sense.

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Recognise Jerusalem as Israel's Capital

The Trump administration in the USA have shown their strong support for Israel by declaring they would upgrade and move their embassy to Jerusalem, the true capital of Israel. Australian Conservatives supports this position, and...

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