Slamming the door on ISIS jihadis

February 21, 2019

Britain and now the United States have followed Australia's lead in stripping ISIS jihadis and 'jihadi brides' of their citizenship, leaving them to rot in the countries they sought to overthrow - if not left to pursue citizenship in another country.

The Conservative Party has applauded cancelling the citizenship of dual nationals who sympathise with ISIS & radical Islam, and/or participate in terrorist activities here or overseas. 

The New York Times reports, US President Donald Trump said today that the United States would not re-admit an American-born woman who travelled to Syria to join the Islamic State and now wants to come home.

The 24 year old woman, Hoda Muthana, does not qualify for citizenship and has no legal basis to return to the country, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.

The US announcement came after - as The Australian Financial Review reports - Britain moved to strip citizenship from 19-year-old Shamima Begum, the "ISIS bride" who joined ISIS' failed 'Caliphate' as a runaway London schoolgirl four years ago and resurfaced in a Syrian refugee camp last week. Begum drew the ire of Britons in a recent interview for asserting that the terrorist attack on the Manchester Arena at an Ariana Grande concert was justified by the war in Syria.

The Islamic State group propagandist Neil Prakash, who was stripped of his Australian citizenship last December, says he is "OK" with the Government's action and does not want to return to Australia.

However Prakash told a court in Turkey, that he is not a citizen of Fiji, as claimed by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Prakash's citizenship was revoked in December on the grounds that he also held Fijian citizenship — a claim that has been disputed by Fiji.

This sharpens the argument for draft legislation sitting before the Parliament to enable the Minister to revoke jihadi citizenships in a broader range of cases.

As far back as June 2017, Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi warned Adelaide radio station FIVEaa's Leon Byner about ISIS sympathisers in Australia.

In February 2018, Senator Bernardi wrote in his weekly blog:

"I don’t want Islamic fundamentalists in our country and I do not think that our government should provide them any assistance when their plans to support ISIS (and their ilk) don’t work out"

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