Is Europe giving up on subsidised, unreliables? (Australia, take note!)

May 15, 2019

This week’s newsletter from the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) has Energy Editor, Dr John Constable, in his article “Is the Long Renewables Honeymoon Over?” usefully informing us of how badly the zealous rollout of onshore and offshore intermittent renewables has been going in Europe.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has consistently called out the whole myth of climate change alarmism labelling it "a dangerous cult" and says nothing we do to mitigate climate change will make any appreciable difference to the world's climate. 

Dr Constable writes:

"The European renewables industry press, which is usually unequivocally upbeat in its assessments, is currently reporting a broad spectrum of substantial problems in the sector, ranging from bankruptcies and technical problems to tepid policy support and increasing public resistance.

In a fundamentally viable energy generation sector such stories could be regarded as minor perturbations, but in one that has been for decades all but completely insulated from risk by subsidy and other non-market support, it suggests deep-seated structuro-physical weakness."

After going through countless examples of massive failures, over-promising and under-delivering, Dr Constable concludes by saying:

"In spite of all this, it is doubtless too soon to say that the game is up for renewables. The industries concerned will fight back, and beg further direct and indirect public assistance while threatening politicians and civil servants with missed climate targets if that support is not forthcoming.

In all likelihood they will be, to some degree, successful. But this will only delay the inevitable. As the depressing news stories summarised above suggest, after decades of public support and de-risking there are still fundamental weaknesses in the renewables industry that go well beyond teething troubles and localised management failure.

One explanation, the sole necessary one in my view, is that the physics is against this industry, and that the physics is beginning to tell. It remains only to say that this blog is not licensed to give investment or financial advice."

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