Is Clive Palmer an impostor?

April 24, 2019

Is Clive Palmer really a right-of-centre politician or just an impostor with deep pockets tricking and splitting the right-of-centre vote yet again?

The Conservative Party has seen a great deal of evidence to suggest the latter:

To watch the "erratic" Palmer's 10 minute press conference with Al Gore – the "father of global warming alarmism and the climate change cult" - click the box below:

And now the Liberals are climbing into bed again with Palmer, having forgotten how they were so badly burnt the last time he and his brand of politics were allowed to infect our Parliament and body-politic.

On his record, and the climate bedfellows he has so opportunistically courted in the recent past, how can Palmer be trusted when he says we should “Get out of Paris” (the economy and society-choking Climate Accord) and espouses other policies he has frantically focus-grouped, or simply lifted from the Australian Conservatives' website?

In our body-politic, there’s got to be more common sense, less misplaced trust and, a better way!

Vote "1" Australian Conservatives in the Senate to keep impostors out of federal parliament.

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Get Out Of Paris

Let's leave the Paris Climate Agreement! The politicians keep pandering to the Paris climate pact, while our power prices skyrocket. The UN has been asking Australia to give away hundreds of millions to what will...

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