Immigration integration more important than numbers: Dutton

April 26, 2018

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has called for the immigration debate to be centred on “who we’re bringing in” and whether they are integrating, rather than on numbers.

Australian Conservatives founder, South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi has long campaigned for a halving of Australia’s migrant intake, declaring the idea made “economic” sense and agrees with Minister Dutton that a “more stringent” assessment process of migrants would ensure they come to Australia “for the right reasons”.

The Australian newspaper reports, responding to a recent Newspoll which found 56 per cent of Australians believe the existing immigration cap of 190,000 is too high, Mr Dutton said, 

“I think, frankly, the more productive debate is around who we’re bringing in, whether or not they’re the right people, are they integrating? Are they working hard, paying taxes? And nobody begrudges that."

“As long as you bring the right people in, I think that’s the priority and we’ve taken decisions about cutting the numbers back from where they were under Rudd and Gillard, and Bill Shorten, as I say, is proposing to increase the number of refugees that we bring in each year by quite a dramatic number.”

Treasurer Scott Morrison said, “We want people to come and leave a contribution, not take one..."

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