Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

June 21, 2018

Conservatives' leader Cory Bernardi says Pauline Hanson has demonstrated, yet again, that the Conservative Party leads and others follow, as she gave notice on 21 June that she will table a bill to impose a debt ceiling on the federal government.

Senator Bernardi introduced a virtually identical bill to parliament in February this year.

Senator Cory Bernardi proposed the reintroduction of the debt ceiling, abolished by the Liberals, Nationals and Greens in the previous parliament, on the anniversary of Kevin Rudd’s infamous $42 billion stimulus package.

In an opinion piece in The Australian in February this year, Senator Bernardi said:

"It was a dark day in Australia’s history when the economic surplus that the Howard government had prudently built up over 11 years was scandalously frittered away."

"For the first time in more than a decade, Australia’s budget plunged into the red."

"The Coalition government prefers not to talk about the fact that as soon as 2020 the country will be faced with interest costs amounting to about $20 billion a year. That would build a lot of roads and hospitals, it could fund substantial tax cuts to strengthen our flagging economy."

"Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for successive Australian governments, in their frenzy of addiction to excessive spending, to pass the problem on."

"Instead of moving to fix the debt and deficit crisis once and for all, they are forcing us to impose a crushing tax burden on successive generations of workers to support the failure and irresponsibility of the present political class."

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