Conservative campaign to burst Canberra bubble vindicated by latest controversy

July 25, 2018

Under-siege Labor MP Emma Husar claimed thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded Comcar travel around her home city despite leasing her own taxpayer-funded car.

When launching the Conservative Party in February 2017, senator Cory Bernardi said its first policy was 'Bursting the Canberra Bubble', including live disclosure of MPs' spending so the media and citizen journalists alike can quickly highlight outrageous spending. Otherwise, it takes a lengthy investigation some time after the fact to expose excesses. 

The Sydney Morning Herald reports federal backbenchers are entitled to use the publicly-funded Comcar service :

  • in Canberra,
  • while interstate on business and
  • for travel to and from the airport in their home town for official business purposes.

MPs are expected to use their own publicly funded private vehicles to attend functions and parliamentary business in their home town where they are reasonably able to.

But the newspaper has identified more than $2000 worth of Comcar trips taken by Ms Husar since June last year in Sydney to attend functions and meetings involving no interstate flights or travel. The Australian reports today that Husar allegedly used a Comcar to visit her divorce lawyer.

The Labor MP also faces an internal investigation into allegations of workplace bullying and harassment of staff.

The Western Weekender reported two years ago that Husar (pictured in parliament with Labor's then dual-citizens Justine Keay and Susan Lamb) had made colourful assertions on social media about what politicians could get away with.

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