Higher Education needs a major shake-up: Bernardi

June 19, 2018

And it could be getting it with news today that Adelaide University and the University of South Australia have decided to enter into merger talks following the Kevin Durant model of super universities.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has suggested that the combined university become the home of a new course on Western Civilisation after the establishment of that course was rejected this month by the Australian National University.

The Australian reports the Ramsay Centre’s bid to establish dedicated courses in Western civilisation at some of the nation’s top universities has been bolstered by Newspoll results that show a majority of voters across all political groups support the proposal.

Two-thirds of those surveyed believe that ANU, which has a Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies and offers a bachelor of Asian studies, should also offer a course in Western civilisation.

The ANU withdrew from negotiations with the conservative Ramsay Centre to set up the course in Western civilisation saying the reason for its about-face was an article by Ramsay Centre director, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott it says suggested the centre was pushing a “racist and radically conservative agenda”.

Senator Bernardi told 2GB’s Luke Grant at the time he thinks the university’s rejection of tens of millions of dollars in annual funding and scholarships for the course is an unforgivable abject disgrace.

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