Hicks for Finniss

March 08, 2018

Australian Conservatives’ candidate for Finniss Bruce Hicks answered a series of questions from the Stock Journal this week:

What do you believe is the biggest challenge facing Finniss?

“The biggest challenges facing Finniss are cost of living, health, education, roads and access to transport. We need clever employment opportunities and niche industries in tourism that would create jobs and build on our tourism industry,” Mr Hicks said.

“With projected population growth, it is imperative we thoughtfully prepare to attract doctors, nurses and allied health staff and develop medical care facilities capable of managing these needs. We need to plan infrastructure to meet the specific need of the region,” he said.

What do you see as the major issue affecting SA agriculture and how would you rectify this?

“We would make sure roads were well maintained, we would invest in regional communities, health and education through tax cuts and our Royalties for Regions which would put money back into  regional communities in order to give farming families the support and services they need while they go about their work.”

What are your views on allowing mining on prime farming land in Finniss?

“Without protection for our prime arable farming and grazing land, the future of the industry that contributes 25 per cent of the state’s economy is a risk.”

To see the Australian Conservatives’ 2018 Election Plan for South Australia, click here.

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