Watch this message from Cory to you and help restore common sense to Canberra!

With the next federal election less than 12 months away, we need to start campaigning now to help raise the profile of our Australian Conservatives’ candidates to show Australians there is a better way.

Your financial support today is vital to help build a $250,000 Conservatives’ Campaign War Chest by 30 June so we can kickstart our Senate campaign.

Your gift will help our Senate candidates get off to an early start by paying for much of the essential campaign resources and infrastructure including:

  • Raising, training and equipping an army of volunteer field campaigners across the country;
  • Undertaking market research to identify our target voters;
  • Providing a world-class smartphone app to empower our field campaign volunteers; and
  • Printing campaign literature that tells Australians how we will fight for stronger families, for lower taxes and to restore civil society.

Thank you for giving today to help build this essential war chest by June 30 – and to make sure that together we put up the strongest possible fight!


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