Heidi for Mawson

March 08, 2018

Australian Conservatives’ candidate for Mawson Heidi Greaves answered a series of questions this week from the Stock Journal:

What do you believe is the biggest challenge facing Mawson?

“This government’s focus has been predominantly on the central business district and metropolitan areas when what we need is a government that can deliver for the southern metropolitan and regional parts of the state. We need a government that wants to deliver much-needed investment in infrastructure to support population growth, provide the important services such as health and education, stimulate our economy and create jobs in our area.”

What do you see as the major issue affecting SA agriculture and how would you rectify this?

“Our agriculture sector is at risk because of lack of protections and investment at the state level and this needs to change. Mawson’s farmers and agricultural businesses are major contributors to the state’s economy and the agriculture is a sector where jobs are being created. This is why Australian Conservatives members have fought so hard for Right to Farm legislation and why we vow not to give up the fight.”

What are your views on allowing mining on prime farming land in Mawson?

“We believe in protecting farmers and, unlike Labor, we will not give mining companies undue rights that would destroy farming practices. We are not anti-mining we just believe there needs to be a balance in place to make sure our valuable farming and grazing land is protected.”

To see the Australian Conservatives’ 2018 Election Plan for South Australia, click here.


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