Heartbroken mother gets the bureaucratic run around

December 12, 2018

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has been championing the cause of 53 year old Toni Nicolo and her husband who have successfully petitioned the State Government to make a minor traffic change which could have saved their daughter’s life.

The Sunday Mail reports, after four months of bureaucratic runaround and being shunted between Transport Minister Stephan Knoll’s office and Road Safety Minister Corey Wingard’s office, Mrs Nicolo has finally been given an answer to her continued emails and phone calls.

Mrs Nicolo was asking for the speed limit over the Bridgewater exit at the South Eastern Freeway to be reduced to 60km/h across the bridge.

Currently the speed limit changes to 80km/h halfway across the bridge as cars hurtle between two busy intersections, where Bree’s car was struck side-on by another car on April 4, 2016.

Mrs Nicolo told The Advertiser she wanted the speed increase moved less than 100m towards Mount George.

This would mean cars could not speed up until they had passed the busy intersection.

She also has been petitioning for Stop signs at the intersection to force drivers to a halt before making the turn.

Mr Knoll said he would act on the advice of a favourable RAA report and make the changes the Nicolos have been asking the government to make.

“DPTI will relocate the ‘Reduce Speed’ sign to a position in advance of the Advance Direction sign, giving drivers more warning.

“It has also been determined that the 80km/h speed limit sign will be moved to approximately 300m past the Bridgewater exit ramp to extend the 60km/h speed limit zone past the junctions.”

But for Mrs Nicolo, the damage has already been done.

She said the initial rejection by Mr Knoll’s office had opened up old wounds and had devastated her and her husband.

“I can’t understand for the life of me why this is so difficult,” Mrs Nicolo said.

“It’s been really cruel that they have dragged this out so long, they haven’t shown us respect and dignity.”

Senator Bernardi spoke with Channel 7's Today Tonight saying the bureaucratic inaction Mrs Nicolo experienced is totally unacceptable.

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