GST redistribution delivers boosts to SA, WA and Victoria

April 06, 2018

South Australia was a winner in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) redistribution, pocketing an extra $467 million, and a slightly higher return from $1.43 to $1.47. NSW's share was up $519 million thanks to the bigger total GST pool, even though its return is down from 87 cents to 85 cents.

Australian Conservatives leader South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi has told Samantha Maiden on Sky News there is a fairer way to support the South Australian economy along with the economies of all the other states.

The ABC reports, Western Australia and Victoria have gained the biggest boost to their share of the $65.8 billion GST carve-up for next financial year, while the Northern Territory has taken another hit under changes to the distribution announced by Treasurer Scott Morrison.

WA, which has long argued it gets short-changed in the GST carve-up among the states, had expected to receive an increased return from 34 cents to 45 cents from every dollar it sends to Canberra.

The allocation will be slightly higher than that, at 47 cents, adding about $1 billion extra to state coffers year-on-year and almost $150 million more than had been expected. But WA remains the only state or territory that receives less than half of the GST it generates.

The GST revenue-sharing formula is designed to ensure Australians in all states and territories have access to high-quality government services.

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