Greens shut down motion on radical Islam

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has again called out the Greens for hypocrisy in defending radical Islam.

A motion by Coalition Senator Barry O’Sullivan condemning radical Islamic terrorism was denied formality by the Greens and Senator Bernardi labelled the move a cover up.

The motion called on the Senate to:

(i) condemn radical Islam, whether in speech or deed,
(ii) call on the Islamic community in Australia to continue to condemn radical Islam in speech and deed, and reaffirm its commitment to working alongside Australian security agencies to address radicalisation in all its forms, and
(iii) call on Sheik Mohammed Omran to publically retract his criticism of police and intelligence services and denounce all radical Islamic speech and jihadism.

(The motion’s preamble and full text appears further below)

Senator Bernardi said the denial of formality was, in fact, a Greens attack on the Australian way of life which is the most precious thing Australians need to protect.