Greens’ renewables policies to blame for blackouts: Bailey

February 08, 2019

Following the recent rolling blackouts across Victoria, Conservative Party Victorian Senate candidate Kevin Bailey has taken aim at the Greens’ policies which he says are at the heart of the problems with our energy supply.

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“Victorians are paying their highest-ever electricity prices, and yet their supply has never been so unreliable,” Mr Bailey told the Mildura Weekly.

“The blackouts experienced by more than 100,000 Victorians recently were the result of an environmental ideology that has pushed for the adoption of solar and wind generators at the expense of baseload energy supply,” he continued.

Victoria’s Hazelwood power station in the Latrobe Valley was closed in March 2017, with the loss of almost 800 jobs and 2200 megawatts of power generation to the energy grid. 

Recently, when temperatures around the State rose into the mid-40s, the remaining coalfired power stations in ‘the valley’ had issues with generator failures, which reportedly meant another 2200 megawatts was lost from the system, leading to the necessity for the energy regulator to impose powershedding measures across the State.

“And, the Greens’ beloved wind turbines and solar panels couldn’t muster enough supplementary power to offset those losses,” Mr Bailey said.

“As a result, businesses, shopping centres and homes were affected for hours at a time, creating fury among the already hot-and-bothered residents of Victoria,” Mr Bailey said that 10 coalfired power stations have been closed in the past six years, and no new baseload power has been developed because the major parties are “hostage to environmental activists.”

“This is why people are now experiencing rolling blackouts when they need their electricity the most,” he said.

“We export coal all over the world, and yet our politicians are so afraid of the Greens that they have left us unable to use our natural resources to maintain our quality of living. I urge voters to elect Australian Conservatives to the Senate to present a reasonable energy position in Canberra,” he said.

Mr Bailey has visited Mildura on two previous occasions, where he has stated his Party’s intentions to replace the Greens in the Senate at the next Federal election.

He's told Melbourne radio station J-AIR 87.8 it's important we shut down the Greens at the next federal election.

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