Greens on the back foot

November 29, 2018

The Greens Party is on the back foot with its leader lashing out at several Senators, including Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi, for being critical of South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson Young.

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The Greens are reeling after being whacked at last weekend's Victorian state election, losing a swag of seats, on the back of allegations of sexual abuse, rape and bullying within Greens party ranks.

Earlier this week, LNP Senator Barry O’Sullivan criticised Senator Hanson-Young’s failure to attend committee hearings saying, “She didn’t turn up. There’s a bit of Nick Xenophon in her, and I don’t mean that to be a double reference, but there’s a bit of Xenophon in her.”

Greens leader Richard Di Natale shouted across the chamber in response, calling Mr O’Sullivan “a grub” and “an absolute pig”.

Senator O’Sullivan promptly withdrew his comment but Senator Di Natale refused to withdraw his own, and was suspended from the Senate for the rest of the day as punishment.

Senator Hanson-Young then pointed the finger at other Senators, including Senator Bernardi, for allegedly targeting her with a “pattern” of abuse.

Senator Bernardi responded by saying, “Sarah Hanson-Young is a fantasist. She can’t get past the fact that her incompetence and her loathsome view of the world have nothing to do with her gender”.

“Any criticisms I make are about her decisions, her rationale, her hypocrisy and the complete lack of credibility she takes in her role as a senator,” he said.

Senator Bernardi said the Greens were "hypocrites of the highest order” and “completely dysfunctional”.

“The Greens have a very long history of sexism, misogyny, misandry, heterophobia and homophobia within their own political party,” he said.

“It’s about time the Australian public woke up to how dangerous they are.”

He said Senator Di Natale was suspended because the Greens leader refused to withdraw his comments calling Mr O’Sullivan a “grub” and “pig”.

“The Greens think the rules shouldn’t apply to them. There are very few people in that place who can say they have not had snide remarks directed towards them. The hypocrites are the ones who are complaining about them,” he said.

Senator Bernardi has told the Senate that the Greens have been exposed for their hypocrisy.

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