Greens leader blames coal for bushfires

January 25, 2019

Greens leader Richard Di Natale (pictured) has blamed an over-reliance on coal for the Tasmanian bushfires.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi says this kind of ludicrous climate alarmism is typical of the Greens and is merely an excuse to use climate change as a political lever to redistribute global wealth.

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The Australian reports, Di Natale told Sky News, “Coal is the reason we’re here. The reason we are seeing these record breaking conditions. We have these massive fires in Tasmania”.

The Greens leader also said Australians experiencing power outages were being unreasonable if they complained about not being able to use home appliances.

“We have to [phase out coal] and look, we talk about not using a dishwasher for a couple of hours. We’re facing an existential threat as a species,” Di Natale said.

“Can you imagine the sacrifices that people made during war time? (And then) being told well sorry we’re not prepared to make a sacrifice that means for two hours during the day we can’t use a dishwasher.”

Senator Di Natale conceded diesel generators were necessary at the moment but said this was due to government failure to manage the transition to renewables.

Senator Bernardi is of the contrary opinion, insisting that our current energy crisis is a direct result of governments subsidising renewables , thus distorting the energy market.

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