Green Ideology’s Failed Experiment

July 19, 2018

The national grids of developed nations were masterpieces of design and function until eco-ideologues and professional warmists opened the powerhouse door to rent-seekers and wreckers. The result: blackouts, price-gouging and a modern world no longer quite so modern - something the Conservative party is determined to restore.

An opinion piece by the author of "Green Tyranny" Rupert Darwall notes; the twentieth century’s bequest of cheap, reliable electrical energy is now being undone.

For the past decade or so, Australia and other industrialised countries have been conducting a vast experiment on their electrical grids.

Tried, tested and refined technologies — predominantly based on coal-fired generation — are being replaced by weather-dependent wind and solar farms.

Western societies are moving from industrial means of generating their electricity, with the precision, reliability and economies of scale that implies, to intermittent sources that, like agriculture, depend on the weather, with all that implies for cost and reliability.

The green energy revolution – counter-revolution would be more accurate – did not come about because wind and solar are superior generating technologies.

If they were, they wouldn’t have needed the plethora of costly political interventions and subsidies.

These have turned the electricity market into an Aladdin’s cave for rent-seekers while destroying the market’s function to allocate capital sensibly and serve customers efficiently.

Instead, the origins of the renewable experiment lie in a deeply ideological reaction against the Industrial Revolution, which, in one of the most important developments of our age, almost imperceptibly became the boilerplate of elite opinion.

As the Conservative Party's NSW Senate candidate Sophie York explains, this flawed ideology is destroying the Australian economy and the Conservatives are the only political force who a committed to fixing it.

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