Great deal for drug traffickers

January 29, 2018

Australian Conservatives say a twice convicted drug trafficker who has walked away from South Australian court with his second suspended sentence within two years is another example of a system failing the community. 

Courts can sentence drug traffickers for up to 10 years and yet they let them walk away with a suspended sentence if they can come up with a good enough story.

We see this type of case over and over. Drug pushers let off with a slap on the wrist and given chance after chance, despite reoffending. We need courts to send strong messages and use the power given to them to take these people out of society where they are causing great harm.

The community is sick of this soft touch on convicted drug dealers. If convicted dealers are serious about straightening out their lives, then they should not avoid prison but be given the opportunity to participate in rehab or training courses while they serve their time.

The individual in question was initially convicted and given a suspended sentence after being caught in 2015 with 93 ecstasy tables, thousands of dollars in cash, a machete and other tools in his car. 

He even admitted to selling the drugs according to reports in today’s media.

He was given a second chance by the courts yet here we are, two years later, with the same person before the court on almost identical charges. And what happens? Yet another suspended sentence and some community service because the dealer’s father apparently has a gambling problem and his life has been tough.

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