Government spending is the worst form of spending: Castieau

March 12, 2019

Western Australian Conservative Party Senate candidate Peter Castieau has had enough of wasteful government spending and says you can help stop it at this May's federal election by voting for the Conservative Party in the Senate.

Peter writes:

"If you ever wanted to know whether or not people are doing it tough, you only need to look at the lines of cars queuing up on Mondays at our service stations.

The variance in price between Monday and Tuesday is 24c a litre in my suburb and this would save around $11 on a 45 litre fill.

However, if you want to save this amount, be prepared for a long wait in a queue and endure the road rage as the line spills out onto the main road.

If Labor and the Liberal parties had any brains, they would look to the ever increasing size of government (federal, state and local) and the burden this places on the taxpayer. 

You've rung us dry, we don't have any money left! - Why else would we queue? 

Government spending is the worst form of spending. Spending other people's money on other people. 

It is our biggest problem.

The size, scope and reach of government needs to be massively reduced.

Until we do this, we will continue to suffer the consequences, including zero wages growth, raids on retirees savings and stagnant economic outcomes for the foreseeable future."

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