Glasshouse stone-throwers need China cleanup

April 10, 2019
Australian Conservatives senate candidate for South Australia, Rikki Lambert, says major party politicians are throwing stones at each other over communist China like the proverbial chuckers in glass houses.

"Only a Royal Commission will get to the bottom of the extent of Chinese communist party influence in Australia.  The ABC Four Corners program on Monday night only added to a mounting pile of evidence that the major parties have unclean hands.

The Four Corners story dragged a former Liberal party leader and leadership aspirant into the 'glasshouse', adding to high-profile Labor party identities entangled in the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) web.

With our leading role and the body of work over two years and the lack of interest from the compromised major parties on exposing the extent of CCP influence in Australia, electing more Conservative senators to Canberra will bring the balance of power pressure to ensure a Royal Commission gets to the bottom of the many concerns outlined below.

The Conservatives have been strident critics of CCP influence for the two years since our inception. I've maintained pressure on the CCP's farm water ownership levels in the Murray Darling Basin. Senator Bernardi stopped what was, at best, the former Abbott government sleepwalking into a mutual extradition treaty with China.

Senator Bernardi also said the CCP are the likeliest suspect of the hack of parliamentary and political computer networks. We've repeatedly called for scrutiny of the so-called 'Confucius Institutes' in Australia, particularly as Victoria University shut down a documentary critical of them.

We criticised Australia dumping a Taiwan FTA due to CCP pressure, the CCP's influence to exclude Falun Gong practitioners from their traditional role in a Perth parade and behind protests against an independent traditional China opera. I have criticised their impact on waste recycling here and sought a revision of the China FTA in light of double-standards.

We expressed concern about a former Labor minister's call for anti-'Sinophobia' 'Asian quotas' on boards, Chinese ownership of our energy infrastructure, demanded diplomatic assistance for detained Australian Yang Hengjun, been critical of China's expanding power in the Pacific, their detention of Uyghurs.

Let me clear - Conservatives have no beef with the Chinese people. Many of these initiatives we have promoted have been about exposing the abuses and removal of freedoms within China and, increasingly, in our own country at China's behest.

With the track record conservative governments and leaders around the world have had against communist regimes, we are very wary of Chinese Communist Party influence here, and the one-party state situation in China.

We support democracy and freedom around the world, not totalitarian communist regimes."

Today he spoke with Leon Byner about the Conservative Party's concerns on Adelaide radio station FIVEaa.

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Royal Commission on China needed

Revelations on the ABC's 4 Corners program show there are serious questions to be answered about the Chinese Community Party's influence in Australian politics. We cannot trust major parties to review their own conduct. We...

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