Give Volunteer Firefighters a say on their future

September 27, 2017

Australian Conservatives MLC Robert Brokenshire will today put forward a Bill to establish a Fire and Emergency Services Volunteer Charter.

“My Bill proposes a charter that gives volunteers the right to input into what happens to them rather than always being told what is going to be done to them,” Mr Brokenshire said.

“This Charter is long overdue. It was promised to the volunteers back in 2015 when Tony Piccollo was the Minister for the sector and they are still waiting.”

“We need to get this Charter going and I am happy to work with the new minister to deliver what the Government promised nearly three years ago.”

Mr Brokenshire said the Charter would be a multifaceted formal document supported by legislation that created a legal framework for the volunteer emergency service sector. “What the Charter will provide is a statement of commitment and principles that will apply to the relationship between the Government, the Commission and the SACFS. It requires the Government, the Commission and the SACFS to recognise, value, respect and promote the contribution of volunteer officers and other members. It will require the Government and the Commission to consult with the South Australian State Emergency Service Volunteers Association on behalf of volunteer officers and members on any matter that might reasonably be expected to affect them so that we never see the type of mess that was created when the Labor Party tried to force an amalgamation between our volunteer services and the MFS.”

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