Australia's Dark Day of Betrayal

February 24, 2018

On 24 February 2011, as part of a minority government deal that delivered her the Prime Ministership, Julia Gillard did a deal with the Greens to give Australia a Carbon Tax under a government she led, after all.

Flanked by Greens, Climate Change Minister Combet and rural independents Windsor and Oakeschott, celebrated the breaking of her own pre-election promise on national television just 5 days before the August 2010 election on Channel 10 saying, “There would be NO CARBON TAX  under a government I lead.”

No amount of spin could cover the reality that it was a carbon tax and a monumental breach of a pre-election promise.

Worse still, the carbon tax saddled families with hideous cost-of-living pressures and distortions in the energy market that has led to power plants switching off temporarily, or permanently, increasing the cost of manufacturing & doing business –costing countless job opportunities and departure of jobs offshore.

24 February marks the anniversary of one of the most infamous, egregious and blatant breaches of election promises in Australian political history.

You can commemorate this event by:

  • Sharing this Action Plan on social media
  • Sharing the Youtube video about Gillard’s ‘no Carbon Tax under a government I lead’ or related GIFs on social media so that Australia never, ever, forgets
  • Leaving a light on in solidarity with those who lost their businesses, jobs or opportunities in this nation under an economically destructive carbon tax.

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