GetUp! getting away with lies and propaganda in this election

April 24, 2019

Left-wing activist group GetUp! is getting away with despicable lies and propaganda in this election campaign because they are not considered part of the political party process.

The Conservative Party has long pointed out the dubious motivations and financial ties of the group from its receipt of a $500,000 donation from a charity with foreign funding links to its commitment to spruiking climate change alarmism.

The Australian reports, it's a joke and a travesty of our attempts to have a rules-governed democratic election process that the group successfully fought a legal challenge to be declared an “associated entity”, which would force this richly-funded campaign machine to obey the same rules as political parties, GetUp! is stretching the rules beyond even its own elastic limits.

But, even in “apologising” for despicable slurs GetUp! uses the oldest, dirtiest political tricks to embed the lies and expand the slurs.

GetUp! uses the age-old smear tactic of publishing a lie, daring someone to deny it publicly, and urging journalists to ask questions based on that lie.

It clearly believes the bigger the lie and the more often it is repeated the better.

GetUp! is not alone in this unrestricted sphere of electioneering but falls within the same category of a swathe of activist groups campaigning as “grass roots movements” — often foreign-funded with the convenient opaque mask of being a “charity”.

Last week GetUp falsely accused a Melbourne Liberal MP of supporting “gay conversion therapy” without evidence, without checking and without care. Journalists questioning the “talking points” were urged to ask the MP. Getting others to do your dirty work is as old as spreading salacious gossip in a bar and waiting for someone to be asked publicly about the smear.

Scott Morrison was also asked about gay conversion therapy which he rejected and said it was a state health matter which it was.

Coincidentally Labor’s Mark Dreyfus announced Labor’s “policy” of federally opposing gay conversion therapy and said the Prime Minister’s response was a “cop out”. GetUp, under threat of legal action, has removed the reference but the smear is out there.

Morrison was a victim of anti-Adani protesters and union activists suggesting his hand raised in prayer on Easter Sunday was a Nazi salute and working for the mine would be like working for the Nazis. No slur bad enough and no lie big enough for some running under cover of our democratic protections.

(Pictured: GetUp! National Director Paul Oosting)

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