Stand up to China on land, education: Bernardi

May 22, 2018

Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi has called on the Federal Government to extricate Australia from the yoke of Chinese influence in our economic, political and educational institutions.

This continues Australian Conservatives' strong push against Chinese influence in our body politic, as demonstrated by this statement published by Senator Bernardi when the government - at long last - decided to crack down on foreign influence.

The South Australian Senator's campaign against foreign influence follows revelations last year that disgraced former New South Wales Labor Senator Sam Dastyari allowed a company owned by Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo to pay a legal bill for his office.

Reports also emerged that Senator Dastyari had made comments at a Chinese media conference about the South China Sea that went against Labor Party and Federal Government policy.

Fairfax newspapers also reported allegations that Senator Dastyari had pressured Tanya Plibersek, who was then Labor's foreign affairs spokeswoman, not to meet a Chinese political activist in a visit to Hong Kong.

Senator Bernardi's comments on Sky News (video below) target the 'Confucius Institutes' and Chinese influence in our educational institutions, and the Chinese push into buying strategic Australian food production assets.

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