Further rorting in our heavily-subsidised childcare system

May 10, 2019

Like moths to flames, crooks seem increasingly attracted to our already lavish, heavily taxpayer-subsidised system of childcare.

The Conservative Party has long-called for a stop to the rorting and it seems, at last, action is being taken.

The Australian reports, Police in NSW have arrested 18 people in relation to a fraudulent family daycare syndicate that filed claims for children that never existed, allegedly defrauding taxpayers of about $4 million in a syndicate ‘more sophisticated than a bikie gang’.

The director of Red Roses Family Day Care, the company at the centre of the controversy, was allegedly earning a personal income of $30,000 per fortnight from the scheme that is understood to have fraudulently claimed at least $3.8 million in payments annually.

It’s alleged the family daycare company was set up to look like a legitimate business, operating out of several locations and pretending to look after a large group of children.

We need to clean up the rorting of childcare and not simply expand it further to indoctrinate our kids at ever-younger ages, split families earlier and create new fiefdoms for opportunistic unions, desperate to avert their declining membership base, off the back of lavish taxpayer subsidies.

We also need to recognise the risks and downsides of institutionalising our children [from 7 min mark] for longer,at ever-younger ages, and contracting out the care of our dependants more generally.

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