Election becomes a referendum on freedom

The Conservative Party has declared 2019 the Year of Freedom, with leader Cory Bernardi to move in the federal election year to create a landmark Protected Freedoms Act.

South Australian senator Cory Bernardi said the toll from the free speech debate had reached such a level that it was clear Australian freedoms were being seriously eroded.

“It is time we protected our key freedoms, those that have stood the test of time at the foundation of our democracy,” Senator Bernardi said, “We are seeing the erosion of those freedoms, including foreign new ‘rights’ established at the United Nations or through treaties.”

“Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten – what are Australia’s key freedoms, and how will you erode them? It’s time to make a stand for freedom.”

Senator Bernardi pointed to the atrocious 18C free speech cases involving QUT students, the late Bill Leak (and a similar scenario in Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight), Andrew Bolt, Sonia Kruger and Samantha Armytage, and two key United Nations conferences in December as the catalyst for today’s announcement.

The December UN Migration conference at Marrakesh, Morocco will lay the foundation for open borders through a ‘right to migration’. That is – a right to choose where on the planet you wish to live, free from sovereign government interference. This would undermine Australia’s sovereignty and borders.

Similarly, the UN Climate conference at Katowice, Poland, takes Australia on a path to a ‘right to sustainable development’ – empowering radical green ideology on climate change.

It is possible that in future rights to demand migration and sustainable development could be joined by rights to demand a basic income, illicit drugs, dual citizenship and airspace – and cultural groups litigating against ‘cultural appropriation’.

Key rights that Senator Bernardi’s Protected Freedoms Bill would protect are freedoms of speechexpression, the presslifepersonhoodthoughtconscience & religion, and freedoms from torture and retrospective laws.

“The Protected Freedoms Act will over-ride all other federal, state and territory laws that restrict those freedoms,” Senator Bernardi explained, “At present, parliaments create criminal laws with exemptions to preserve freedoms. The Conservative Party puts freedom first – our Act will preserve freedoms, and politicians can explain how they want to limit those freedoms for criminal purposes.”

“In short, if someone mounts a criminal or administrative case over-riding key freedoms, the court registry – or the magistrate or judge – will have to throw it out immediately if it breaches a protected freedom.”

“Some rights advocates may claim rights evolve – well if that’s the case, rights are cannibalising each other. Some key rights are unalienable and essential to the human condition. Adding ever more rights is nonsensical – parliament must ring fence Australia’s key freedoms.”

Senator Bernardi has told Leon Byner on Adelaide radio station FIVEaa the government must justify any erosion of our rights if we are to maintain our national sovereignty.