Freedom enriches lives, literally!

May 10, 2019

Freedom enriches lives - literally. As this graph above from Human Progress shows, the average income in the most free quartile of nations is 7.1 times higher than the average income in the least free quartile.

The Conservative Party is a strong supporter of freedom and has introduced a Protected Freedoms Bill to federal parliament to enshrine our freedoms in law.

The Institute of Public Affairs says it's amazing what cutting red tape and lowering taxes can do? The US unemployment rate is the  lowest it's been since 1969. That is why cutting red tape, lowering taxes and exiting Paris were key items on our 20 Policies To Fix Australia. Now if only President Trump would get rid of the tariffs!

The election winner may be up in the air, but it’s clear a loser will be freedom of speech. Last week The Australian revealed Labor would “beef up” 18C by increasing funding for the Australian Human Rights Commission. As the IPA's Gideon Rozner wrote the other day “18C does not need to be boosted; it needs to be repealed " and the AHRC "needs to be abolished.”

Not to be left out, last week the Liberals announced they will be enforcing "transparency" on social media platforms. The Greens trumped both of them by announcing they’ll “protect the community” specifically from the ever-increasing threat of Sky News presenters.

On Tuesday The Spectator UK hosted an event with Douglas Murray and Sir Roger Scruton discussing what it means to be a conservative today. The transcript and audio of this fantastic 85 minute conversation is available here

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Stand up for our Freedoms

Our Freedoms are under attack from political correctness and activists setting up contests between long-standing freedoms and new 'rights'. The Conservative Party is fighting to preserve Australians' key freedoms of speech, freedom of the press,...

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