Former Labor leader Latham slams Bill Shorten

July 11, 2018

Former Labor leader Mark Latham has slammed his successor Bill Shorten and his old party in a robocall released in the Queensland seat of Longman this week, urging voters in the upcoming by-election to vote against his former party and Bill Shorten.

His former Labor colleagues have dubbed Mr Latham "King Rat" for his troubles and the Conservative Party is watching the Labor Party's anguish over the attack with interest.

The Courier Mail reports, Mr Latham states he is a former Labor leader and goes on to attack Opposition leader Bill Shorten.

“I’ve had personal experience with Bill Shorten’s dishonesty,” he says in the robocall.

“The reason we’re having a by-election is because Shorten lied about the citizenship of his Labor MPs," he continued.

“Whatever you do don’t reward Shorten’s dishonesty, don’t vote Labor. Please support minor parties and independents to shake up the system and put some honesty back into Canberra.”

Mr Latham has had a dramatic falling out with the Labor Party since he lost his position as Opposition leader in January 2005.

He is currently a member of the Liberal Democrat party, which is running a candidate at the Longman by-election.

The Conservatives' South Australian Senate Candidate Rikki Lambert has told radio station FIVEaa he's not surprised in the least at Mr Latham's antagonism towards Labor.

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