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June 27, 2018

At a recent Conservatives Supporter Group meeting in Western Australia, some inspiring remarks were made by a Conservative Party member.

Senator Bernardi would like to share them with you:


I live in the Darling Range electorate and in the last two weeks I’ve had more government interest in me than I have had in the last year! I think maybe the government might care about me! It’s amazing – I’ve had a personal phone call from one pollster, an invitation to chat in person with another candidate, an automated message from the premier, and one particularly enthusiastic automated poll has called me six times! I had a great chat yesterday with the Labor guy, who reluctantly admitted that family values weren’t really their strong point, and that it was conservative Western values that made Australia great. Given a little longer, I reckon we could have had a new Australian Conservatives member!

I joined Australian Conservatives because of my children. I’ve got 3 of the pumpkins, and they are the most beautiful blessing granted me. I want them to know and love the Australia I know and love. Unfortunately, that Australia is fast disappearing. Our values and way of life, the values we once held dear and which made this country great, are dying under the avalanche of political correctness.

Limited Government

What ARE the core foundations we need to return to? The first is limited government. This is Australian Conservatives 1st principle. A perfect example of government overreach is the Education Act of 1999.

I educate my children at home and the definition of parent in the Act states that I am not responsible for the long-term care, welfare and development of my own children for the sole reason I teach them at home. The Act is ambiguous as to who IS responsible. One can only presume the state! Raising my children is MY job. It is a sacred trust – not a function of the government.

Personal Responsibility

The second principle of Australian Conservatives is that of personal responsibility. The Australia I know is one where we take it on the chin – you know, we man up to the situation and are responsible for our actions. It takes a special kind of courage, I think, to come face-to-face with who we are and take responsibility for ourselves. It’s much easier to play the snowflake and blame the government! Anyone can do that.

My children are treasures – with them I mold the Australia of tomorrow. My job is to teach them to love wisdom; to love virtue; to do what’s right. The government can’t teach that – that is my job. Our government will only ever be as good as its people.

Free Enterprise

Does anyone else have one of those kids, who live with dollar signs where their eyes should be? My little boy is six. He is regularly coming up with new business ventures to bankrupt the street! He’s tried selling eggs, which did moderately well; for a while he sold carob pods for livestock, and another time he went into business selling sticks. I kid you not, he made a KILLING selling sticks – even raised the prices! He’s the most optimistic kid when it comes to dollars, which brings me to the 3rd core principle of Australian Conservatives – Free enterprise.

I want my children to thrive in a free market society. I want them make a go of it; to make the most of every opportunity. I’d love my children to have a government that encouraged reward for effort, without interfering.

Stronger Families

The fourth principle we need to return to is stronger families. The traditional family is the strongest and most resilient unit of society. You mess with the traditional family, and you mess with the fabric of who we are as human beings. No other model is as efficient or as effective at nurturing individuals as the traditional family.

Civil Society

The most precious gift Australia can give to my children is Western culture. Let me leave you with a quote from William S. Lind:

“…our traditional Western culture is collapsing. It is not collapsing because it failed. On the contrary, it has given us the freest and most prosperous society in human history. Rather it is collapsing because we are abandoning it … We have thrown away the values, morals and standards that define traditional Western culture. In part, this has been driven by cultural radicals, people who hate our Judeo-Christian culture. Dominant in the elite, especially in our universities, the media and the entertainment industry, the cultural radicals have successfully pushed an agenda of moral relativism, militant secularism and sexual and social “liberation”. This agenda has slowly codified into a new ideology usually known as “multi-culturalism” or “political correctness,” that is, in essence, Marxism translated from economic into social and cultural terms”.

When did Marxism ever champion the cause of the individual? When did Communism ever feed its millions? How dare we throw away the precious freedom that Western values have given us.


You know, I said before that the government is only as good as its people, and we will get the government we deserve. That’s why I joined; because Cory is beating a drum for the very soul of this nation and because if not me, then who?

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