Financial literacy a key education pillar

February 21, 2019

Australian adults want to see “life skills” introduced into school curriculums, including money management, job preparation and domestic tasks.

Teaching our children financial literacy was the subject of a book Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi wrote called, "The Money Tree". To request your free copy, please email Senator Bernardi by clicking: here

The Herald Sun reports, new research from Monash University showed Aussie adults also widely supported the inclusion of technology, coding and artificial intelligence subjects to student curriculums to prepare them for future jobs.

Meanwhile, the importance put on humanities subjects is waning, with languages and the arts the least valued subjects in the curriculum.

The survey of more than 2000 Australians asked those quizzed to rate the value of a list of subjects already in the curriculum, but they were also given an open space to write what they think should be included.

People called for schools to teach financial skills, budgeting, cooking and doing taxes while one responder even wrote, “learning to be adult”.

To listen to a highlight from Senator Bernardi’s weekly podcast urging governments to include financial literacy training in schools, click here.

The Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert says our education curriculum needs a total rethink.

In November 2018 as ACT teachers and activists encouraged children to be truant from school to take part in 'climate emergency' protests, Senator Bernardi moved in the Senate to highlight the literacy and numeracy emergencies facing today's schoolchildren:

Senator Bernardi also told ABC Adelaide radio in May 2018 - during debate on superannuation reform - that the education system needs to improve financial literacy:

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