Father's Day

September 02, 2018

On 2 September this year, Australia observes Father’s Day – the first Sunday in September (as it is in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji).

Though it is hard to be precise about the historical origins of the commemoration in Australia, it is safe to say it has been observed for over 80 years and had its origins in the USA where church services were initially held commemorating fathers.

Father’s Day celebrates, recognises and honours fathers – the vital role that fatherhood, paternal bonds and masculine leadership plays in families, communities and society. 

Fathering is so pivotal to the likely happiness, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial well-being of kids, the adults they become and the societies we live in – see Further Details below.

Good fathering also strengthens the communities and societies that fathers invest in. 

In many European and Latin American countries, fathers have been honoured since the Middle Ages on St Joseph’s Day (19 March) – Western Christianity’s Feast Day of Saint Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and legal father of Jesus Christ. In the US, UK and Canada, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

Celebrate this Father’s Day (and not "Special Persons' Day" or "Family Day"– see below) by:

  • preparing Dad a cooked breakfast in bed, helping him out around the house, on the property or with his latest project - or just hanging out with him in his shed or man-cave
  • impressing your dad, fellow dads or kids by brushing up on your Dad Jokes
  • if you’re not near your dad this weekend, give your dad a phone or video call
  • sparing a thought, prayer or moment for grieving dads or those who have lost their dad
  • asking your dad about his dad and family lineage - or honouring your late father by looking through or visiting something he was passionate about
  • consider encouraging Dad to watch a film with you featuring a powerful dad moment, like Daddy Day Care, Father of the BrideIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Interstellar, Mrs Doubtfire, Taken, The Lion King or Armageddon.
  • viewing the film “Absent” by Justin Hunt – a documentary on the social pandemic of fatherlessness afflicting today’s societies
  • showing your support for Father's Day by sharing this Facebook post 
  • sharing this Action Plan post on social media with family, friends, loved ones and those that understand the value of fathers to functional families and societies, and the grave risks of their absence.

Further details on the role of fathers and stable, traditional marriages

Studies and statistics have long showed that, with absent fathers (whether physically, emotionally or through increasingly bitter court cases), children suffer enormously (in terms of education, health, life income, incarceration, mental and behavioural disorders, delinquency, teenage pregnancies, life expectancy and well-being) as do the communities and societies they grow up in. And no amount of care, support, subsequent intervention and growth in the welfare state (as surrogate father) can put the genie back in the bottle.

Cultural Marxism and other leftist mindsets are pushing to replace Father’s Day with "Special Person's Day" or "Family Day" to diminish the role of fathers and masculinity in families, communities and Western society. Functional fathering is a key bulwark that stands in the way of outside ideologies and totalitarian instincts gaining the power they pathologically crave but cannot earn on merit, reason and persuasion.

Radicals use the excuse that, with more same-sex couples and transgender people raising children, retaining Father’s Day is causing 'insult' and 'offence' to them and the children. It is yet another limb of the rainbow Trojan horse marching its way through the institutions that once made us, our kids and Western societies so functional, resilient, stable and prosperous.

It is interesting to note that there are no similar attacks on the institution of Mother’s Day, even though the same leftist 'logic' applies.

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