Farmers be vigilant on Monday for vigilantes: Lambert

April 05, 2019

Australian Conservatives Senate candidate Rikki Lambert is warning South Australian livestock farmers to report to police and consider installing extra video surveillance systems ahead of a 'major animal activist event' set to be staged by ‘Aussie Farms’ on Monday April 8.

In January the Conservatives condemned the Aussie Farms vigilante website for taking animal welfare into their own hands, breaching the privacy biosecurity and property rights of South Australian farmers’ farmstead, homes and livestock.

“SA Police must apply the full force of the law to criminal trespassers and the charitable status’ of Aussie Farms must be revoked by the charities commission (ACNC)”, Mr Lambert said this morning.

Several farm groups including the Australian Chicken Growers Council and Queensland Dairy Organisation have issued advice to their members about the anticipated action, scheduled for April 8 to mark the one year anniversary of the release of the anti-farming film, ‘Dominion’.

Promotional material from the activists has urged their followers to keep the action secret.

"In order to protect the plans from sabotage, they will be kept completely private. We ask that you respect this by not asking details about the plans on the day and also not speculating what might be planned. It's important to not communicate about any plans, known or speculative on any form of electronic communication," it said.

Last month, more than a hundred animal activists entered a feedlot in southern Queensland and took images and footage before being asked to leave by police.

Farm businesses identified on the controversial Aussie Farms map, released in January, are being urged to take the following precautions ahead of April 8, including:

  • Make sure all doors, gates and other entry points are locked when staff are not present.
  • Keep records of audits, staff training and biosecurity procedures up to date and at hand.
  • Consider the installation of CCTV video surveillance systems.
  • Vet new staff applicants carefully.
  • If you receive any threats or believe your farm may be targeted, inform the police or Stock Squad.

Farmers who encounter a trespasser on their property are also being advised not to verbally or physically engage with activists and call police immediately.

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