Falinski's fail on Paris climate pact

September 18, 2018

Left-wing Liberal MP Jason Falinski (pictured) has made the remarkable claim that staying in the controversial Paris climate pact will help coal-fired power stations stay open for longer. The comment came on the same day Prime Minister Scott Morrison told Sky News' Paul Murray Live that he would not back out of the Paris climate agreement.

Conservative Party policy is to withdraw from the Paris pact to prioritise Australia's energy needs.

With major CO2-emitting-nations like China and India not bound by the pact, a withdrawal - following the United States - will send a strong message that the Australian government is putting Australia first, not paying blind adherence to globalist ideology.

Mr Morrison told Paul Murray that he would not take Australia out of the Paris pact because our Pacific Island neighbours did not want us to withdraw saying they are "this is the number one issue of our Pacific neighbours, our strategic partners, our strategic security partners, this is their number one issue."

The likely concern is that the Chinese communist government is pushing hard with aid money and loans to grow its strength in the region. The Chinese push can be resisted by stronger Australian presence in the Pacific - not pandering to Paris. After all, China are not and Australia's CO2 emissions pale into insignificance next to China and our other Pacific neighbours.

Mr Falinksi's comments demonstrate the entrenched and dominant Left power faction in the Liberal Party, have drunk the United Nations' climate Kool-Aid and are beyond hope.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi says a strong Conservative Party senate crossbench will drag the major parties back to putting Australia's power prices and national interests first.

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