4 January 1884 – Fabian Society Founded

Fabian Society Founded in London, UK (with its LSE founded in 1895)

On 4 January 1884, the Fabian Society – a key but too little known and discussed internationalist, socialist organisation – was founded in London, UK. Since then, ‘Fabians’ and their Society (with the help of other Marxist-socialist organisations) have been effective at spreading their ideology and system of societal governance across the globe – particularly through Western liberal democracies and Fabian-inspired supra-national bodies (eg the League of Nations and its successor, the United Nations).

The modus operandi of Fabian socialism (as distinct from original Marxism, which is overt, revolutionary and typically violent) is to peaceably use the democratic framework of liberal democracies to achieve gradual conversion to socialism – the extinction of private property, liberties and freedoms to the control of government or a ruling elite. This is done primarily through Fabian-minded intellectuals infiltrating the academia and bureaucracies (but also the schools, media and entertainment industry) of such societies, eventually usurping long-trusted institutions, traditions and conventions and expanding the role of government, welfare and regulation.

Fabian tactics are notoriously covert, subversive and evolutionary (cf revolutionary) – those of “gradualism” and permeation also referred to as “the long march through the institutions”. They are prepared to play the longer, more certain game of achieving full socialism in multiple stages as opposed to risking it all in one fell swoop (eg in a single stage or strike).

One of the Fabian Society’s 10 founding members (Sidney Webb) coined the summary slogan, “The Inevitability of Gradualness” – analogous to the proverbial “frog in warming water” – where, provided the people are kept occupied (busy, debt-enslaved and distracted), societal usurpation can proceed without the masses becoming aware until it is too late/irreversible.

Leading members of the Fabian Society also founded the London School of Economics (and Political Science, LSE) in 1895 – the Society’s first real foray into Western academia and our educational sector/institutions (but with their own money and benefactors, unlike the norm today).

As a measure of the success in the West of Fabian and other organisations that promulgated Marxist-socialist ideologies over the 1900s, the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation and the like today find it near-impossible to engage/work with their public universities – just as Fabians and Marxists found it in the late 1800s. How the tables have turned – and the West has changed – without most even realising it.

Mark/commiserate this day when the Fabian Society was founded by:

  • watching this documentary on Fabianism and/or these shorter clips (and for their information underneath)
  • listening to this Sydney 2GB radio interview with Dr Amy McGrath on Agenda 21 and the Fabian Society from 2013
  • viewing this clip on George Bernard Shaw – a key Fabian, often quoted intellectual and famous playwright from the late 1800s and early-mid 1900s
  • reading further on Fabianism and its mottos, goals and tactics
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Below: Then PM Julia Gillard asked at a forum about the influence of the Fabian Society in the Australian Labor Party