Ex-leader silent on Greens' ‘predator’ allegations

November 16, 2018

Greens co-founder and former leader Bob Brown has refused to address allegations of culture problems within the party he founded, after Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi announced plans to move a joint motion in the Senate calling on Greens senators to condemn “criminal and predatory behaviour in the Greens”.

Mr Brown yesterday told The Australian he was on holidays and did not want to discuss controversies surrounding the party.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has accused the Greens of suffering a “culture problem” after their state election candidates were caught denigrating women in the same week as a NSW MP was accused by a party colleague of alleged “sexual violence” against a former staffer.

When told about plans to move the motion in the Senate criticising the Greens’ culture, Mr Brown said: “Is that a motion on global warming and the state of the planet? I thought you might be ringing me about a matter of ­global importance.”

When The Australian told him the motion was alleging the party he founded had a culture problem, Mr Brown said: “Don’t lecture me. I’m on holiday. You do the decent thing and give me a call another time.”

The motion details the current sexual harassment allegations against NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham, who has faced calls from federal leader Richard Di Natale to resign.

Mr Buckingham has denied the allegations.

It also details bullying allegations against former Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber and the current controversy around state election candidate Angus McAlpine, whose rap songs ­include sexist and homophobic lyrics.

Mr McAlpine rapped about the date rape drug Rohypnol, using ­violence against his girlfriend and derogatory terms about sex and disabled people.

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young repeatedly refused to answer questions on the topic, while other female Greens senators and Senator Di Natale would not ­respond to requests for comment.

Senator Bernardi has told the Senate, the Greens are the most disgraceful political party in the history of Australia and he congratulated the major parties for blocking a Greens attempt to hijack debate in the Senate.

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