Euthanasia bill a slippery slope: Bernardi

October 22, 2017

Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi is 'deeply concerned ' Victoria's euthanasia laws will have consequences right across the country.

Mr Bernardi told Sky News the bill would cause 'massive long term changes' and its approval would be a 'slippery slope'.

Citing euthanasia policy in the Netherlands, Mr Bernardi says children, people with depression or 'simply people who don't want to go on living anymore' are able to request euthanasia.

'Once you travel down this road where government is endorsing the taking of an individual life under any circumstances it is a one way street,' he said on Sunday.

'It truly is a slippery slope.'

Mr Bernardi voiced his strong opposition to the bill saying he will continue 'sticking up for life and protesting the dignity of life in Victoria'.

Mr Bernardi says 'bullying and intimidation' has taken place by Andrews government, helping to get the bill through the lower house.

'It's the Liberal party who have actually jumped the shark ... a number of conservative Liberals are very concerned it only got through the lower house with their support,' he told Sky News.

'And the deputy premier in Victoria was threatened with losing his job if his amendment got up.'

You can read the full story on the Sky News website.

UPDATE: The NT News newspaper reported today (23 October) that Senator Bernardi said he understood people’s emotional attachment to making the decision to end their own life, but when a government was endorsing such action it was travelling on a “one-way street”. “It will have massive, long term changes which are being experienced everywhere in the world. In places like the Netherlands, for example, children can request euthanasia under certain circumstances ... it truly is a slippery slope."

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