Enough Rodney, please stop

November 21, 2018

The achievement by same-sex marriage activists of the de-gendering of children’s birth certificates in Tasmania will lead to class actions in the future by surgically scarred and infertile people.

Conservative party spokesman and Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton, a former leader in the campaign to preserve gender diversity in marriage, said activists like Rodney Croome would not stop until gender fluid queer theory is compulsory for every Australian child in public and private schools.

Mr Shelton said the passage through the Tasmanian Parliament’s Lower House (pictured) yesterday of a Greens-Labor bill to force parents to opt in to having their child’s gender recorded on a birth certificate was madness.

Conservative Party leader Senator Cory Bernardi tweeted last night: “Tasmania has just given license to the stolen gender generation”.

Mr Shelton said until the same-sex marriage political movement started promoting gender queer theory in schools, gender dysphoria in children was extremely rare.

The tried and true “watch and wait” approach to treatment was successful with around 90 per cent of children becoming comfortable with their biological gender once through puberty.

“Now teachers are trained to be rainbow gender whisperers and there is now an epidemic of children presenting at clinics," Mr Shelton said many children who had their breasts and genitals removed would later come to regret their decisions leading to class action against doctors and clinics.

Same-sex marriage activist Rodney Croome yesterday hailed Tasmanian politicians’ decision to de-gender birth certificates as fitting on the anniversary of the plebiscite to de-gender marriage.

“For years, Rodney Croome has used the tiny Tasmanian legislature as a social laboratory to export radical policies to the mainland. He simply will not stop unless politicians have the courage to say enough is enough. Anyone who thought same-sex marriage was about the love of two people and that is where it ended should stop and think again,” Mr Shelton said.

“The Liberal, Nationals and Labor politicians who capitulated to Green-rainbow activism over the past 10 years are now responsible for the dangerous gender-confused mess Australia is now in. Conservatives are running for the Senate at the 2019 election to restore common sense and begin to clean up the mess,” Mr Shelton said.

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