Election a potential regional "recipe for disaster"

March 02, 2018

Australian Conservatives MLC Robert Brokenshire has warned against a potential Labor and SA-Best coalition government, labelling it a “recipe for disaster” for the regions.

Speaking to The Border Watch newspaper Mr Brokenshire urged voters to back Mount Gambier candidate Gregg Bisset, as well as Upper House running mate Nicolle Jachmann, in order to safeguard the prosperity of the regions.

“We are a true country party and we want to push for a renewed government, particularly in the South East,” he said at Mount Gambier.

“We have already been fighting for the community with issues like forestry, fixing country roads and a legislative ban on fracking in the South East.

“Regional South Australia has been neglected under the current SA Labor government.

“A Nick Xenophon and Labor government will be a huge risk to the regions.”

The trio welcomed the Liberal and SA-Best parties’ commitment to the Royalties for Regions scheme to divert a percentage of mining revenue to rural and regional roads and infrastructure.

The trio called on both parties to match the Australian Conservatives pledge to annex 35 per cent of mining royalties.

“Nine years ago we called for a Royalties for Regions to make sure we deliver more than $80 million per year,” he said.

“It is a justifiable 35 per cent, it’s about one third of mining royalties and one-third of us live in the country.

“In 2004/05, the backlog in regional road maintenance was estimated to be at $160 million and now it is in the billions of dollars.”

“Country South Australia has been neglected for too long,” he said.

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