Deport him anyway: Bernardi

October 29, 2018

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi says a refugee with a history of violence and fraud should be deported immediately. The man has been convicted of beating his wife with a cricket bat, was involved in repeated scams against individuals and the federal Government and may be held in permanent immigration detention after his visa was cancelled.

Conservative Party policy states that, “Permanent residency will be withdrawn in the event of significant criminal conduct.”

The Adelaide Sunday Mail reports, the Federal Court last week refused a last ditch application by the man’s legal team not to revoke his refugee visa.

The man, whose name and country of origin are suppressed in court documents, was convicted of 38 charges over five years including deception, dishonesty, aggravated assault and driving offences.

The father of three was granted a refugee visa on April 11, 2008. Eight years later, the visa was cancelled on character grounds after the man was sentenced to three years and six months in prison for a range of offences.

The man committed several scams involving used cars, buying the vehicles from Adelaide sellers using fraudulent cheques and then refusing to return the vehicle when the cheques bounced.

The man also scammed the federal Government by redirecting a friend’s Centrelink payments to his own account, scamming more than $8000 before he was caught.

In July 2012, the man beat his wife with a cricket bat and, a day later, punched her in the face several times.

The man’s mother provided a statement to police saying she believed her son was capable of killing his wife and that the family was scared of him.

Since his visa was cancelled, the man was taken into immigration detention while an application for review was underway.

In January 2018 the cancellation was upheld in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

“A non-citizen who has committed a serious crime, including of a violent nature, should generally expect to forfeit the privilege of staying in Australia,” the tribunal said.

Last week, the Federal Court refused a final application to provide the man with another protection visa.

Under Australia’s non-refoulement policy, despite the man’s shocking record, he is not able to be sent home because he is liable to being subjected to persecution.

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