Dennis Hood

South Australian Representative

Dennis is a member of the South Australian Legislative Council and holds a degree in economics and another in politics at honours level. He was formerly in Senior Management with the world’s largest health care company Johnson & Johnson where he received a high-level award for his leadership in driving multinational change within the organisation.

Dennis’ belief in strong families, economically responsible government and conservative principles led him to the position of Federal Director of Family First in 2005 and saw him elected to the South Australian Parliament the following year. He was re-elected to the South Australian Upper House in 2014 and served as the State Chairman of Family First Party for 10 years.

Dennis has worked across party platforms to support first principles and reached out to other conservatives in the parliament in order to defeat the many attempts by the left to introduce so-called "progressive" legislation in South Australia. He has established a reputation for being tough on crime, calling for sentencing reform and harsher penalties for drug traffickers, violent crimes and increased resources for police and law enforcement. Dennis has also fought against the decriminalisation of prostitution and has been a strong adversary of the Safe Schools program, calling for an end to the sexualisation of children by the education department funded by the taxpayer.

Dennis continues to defend the rights of faith-based schools and other organisations to operate according to their own guiding principles and is constantly fighting against the never-ending red and green tape at all levels of government.

During his time in Parliament Dennis has been Chair of the important Crime and Public Integrity Policy Committee, which scrutinises ICAC and SAPOL and the cross-party, joint-houses Parliamentary Select Committee examining the Nuclear Fuel Cycle - in particular the feasibility of South Australia engaging in high level storage of nuclear waste.


Office of the Hon. Dennis Hood MLC, Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000


(08) 8237 9362 



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