Key Points:

  • Australia needs a strong and capable defence force, free from political or cultural interference.
  • We will build strong regional strategic alliances.
  • We will ensure that our military veterans and their families are given the assistance and support they deserve, including with their transition back into civilian life.

Further Information:

Defence of Australia’s citizens

The primary aim of government is the safety and security of its citizens, of which a strong and capable Australian Defence Force is imperative. This requires a well-resourced defence force funded at 2% of GDP, with Australia’s national security as the primary focus of all spending decisions. We will pursue efficiencies to eliminate additional costs that were borne for short-term political expediency.

Similarly, the ADF must be allowed to do its job free from the constraints of political correctness and excessive social and cultural sensitivities. Australian Conservatives will guard against uniformed ADF personnel participating in political or social activism or decisions that compromise the effectiveness of front-line combat capability.

We will cease defence funding of gender re-assignment treatment or surgery and cosmetic surgery or fertility treatment unrelated to training or service injury.

Strong regional alliances

Australia needs to play a role in our region and we will forge strategic defence alliances with our regional partners and traditional allies.

We will strengthen our existing ties with New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States but will also look to develop closer ties with India, Singapore, South Korea and Japan.

Support and assistance for veterans and their families

Our combat veterans have been prepared to sacrifice their lives for our country, and this should be recognised in service and post-service support and assistance, including medical care, rehabilitation and transition to civilian life.

Families of those wounded or lost in action must similarly be given the appropriate care and support to cope with the physical, financial and emotional challenges they face.

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